B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D.Associate Professor, Tenured, Department of Sociology, University of Saskatchewan

SSHRC Connections grant

Quinlan, together with co-investigator Julia Jamison (UofS, Drama) and playwright Jennifer Wynne-Webber, have been awarded a SSHRC Connections grant for their project “Women’s Auxiliary of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers, 1940s – 1960s”. 

The project will support an
undergraduate and graduate student and will result in a theatrical production to bring the honourable history of the Auxiliaries community building, social justice advocacy, and political engagement to audiences
of labour activists and the general public.

About Me
"Quinlan speaks to the media about campus sexual assault in The Ubyssey's article 'Policy, protocol and political will: how universities can responsibly respond to sexual assault.' Read more

The vision guiding my research program is to promote meaningful dignified work as essential to health and wellness.

My commitment to the fair, equitable treatment and rewards for workers has been the catalyst for my scholarship.

I employ the creative arts to reach wider audiences with research results and enhance research participants’ expressive powers.

My research is endowed with a gender-based analysis strengthened by my formal associate affiliation with the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at University of Saskatchewan.