B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D.Associate Professor, Tenured, Department of Sociology, University of Saskatchewan

University Classes

Sociology 298.  Sociology of Work. Second-year, undergraduate one-term course.

Sociology 325  Applied Quantitative Research. Third-year, one-term, undergraduate course.

Globalization and the Social Inequality of Health.
College Scholar Program. Spring & summer session with individual student.

Medical Sociology.  Upper-level, undergraduate and graduate-level, one-term course.

Advanced Methodologies. Two-term, graduate course delivered.

Research Methods.  Second-year, one-term, undergraduate course.

Social Inequality and Health.  Third-year, one-term, undergraduate course.

Medical Sociology.  Upper-level, one-term, undergraduate and graduate-level course.

Gender, Work and Society.  Second-year, one-term undergraduate course.


Post-Graduate and Graduate Student Supervision – Completed

Post-Doctoral Supervision
Tracey Carr.  Critical Realist Evaluation of Workplace Harassment Interventions.


Masters Student Supervision
Avery Zeiger.  Transgender Identity and Ethics of Care: Narrative Analysis of Transgender Identities and Experiences of Care in Saskatchewan

Natasha Miller.  The Historical Development of Sexual Assault Policies at the University of Saskatchewan: An Institutional Ethnography.

Rita Hamoline.  A phenomenological exploration of primary care physicians and their work.


About Me
The vision guiding my research program is to promote meaningful dignified work as essential to health and wellness.

My commitment to the fair, equitable treatment and rewards for workers has been the catalyst for my scholarship.

I employ the creative arts to reach wider audiences with research results and enhance research participants’ expressive powers.

My research is endowed with a gender-based analysis strengthened by my formal associate affiliation with the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at University of Saskatchewan.