University Classes

Sociology 298.  Sociology of Work. Second-year, undergraduate one-term course.

Sociology 325  Applied Quantitative Research. Third-year, one-term, undergraduate course.

Globalization and the Social Inequality of Health.
College Scholar Program. Spring & summer session with individual student.

Medical Sociology.  Upper-level, undergraduate and graduate-level, one-term course.

Advanced Methodologies. Two-term, graduate course delivered.

Research Methods.  Second-year, one-term, undergraduate course.

Social Inequality and Health.  Third-year, one-term, undergraduate course.

Medical Sociology.  Upper-level, one-term, undergraduate and graduate-level course.

Gender, Work and Society.  Second-year, one-term undergraduate course.


Post-Graduate and Graduate Student Supervision – Completed

Post-Doctoral Supervision
Tracey Carr.  Critical Realist Evaluation of Workplace Harassment Interventions.


Masters Student Supervision
Avery Zeiger.  Transgender Identity and Ethics of Care: Narrative Analysis of Transgender Identities and Experiences of Care in Saskatchewan

Natasha Miller.  The Historical Development of Sexual Assault Policies at the University of Saskatchewan: An Institutional Ethnography.

Rita Hamoline.  A phenomenological exploration of primary care physicians and their work.