B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D.Associate Professor, Tenured, Department of Sociology, University of Saskatchewan


The study focuses on solutions to the harassment experienced by caregivers in their workplaces using a participatory action research design. The underlying hypothesis of this research is that the expressive arts can empower caregivers to develop new communicative norms, practices, and policies in their workplace.

The study’s three objectives are to:

  1. Conduct harassment-intervention workshops using participatory theatre with three groups of caregivers;
  2. Evaluate the impact of the workshops as a harassment-focused intervention across care settings and groups of caregivers;
  3. Increase knowledge concerning harassment among caregivers, their professional associations and unions, and Occupational Health and Safety specialists.

Community Partners

Service Employees International Union-West; the Saskatchewan Association of Licenced Practical Nurses, the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses; and the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association.


Elizabeth Quinlan (PI), Beth Bilson, Isobel Findlay & Ann-Marie Urban.. Canadian Institutes for Health Research Operating Grant. ($196,000). 2014-2017. (This proposal was ranked #1 and scored 4.64/5).

Elizabeth Quinlan (PI), Addressing Workplace Bullying with Continuing Care Assistants, $80,000, Jul 2009 – Jun 2011, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation New Investigator Grant.


About Me
The vision guiding my research program is to promote meaningful dignified work as essential to health and wellness.

My commitment to the fair, equitable treatment and rewards for workers has been the catalyst for my scholarship.

I employ the creative arts to reach wider audiences with research results and enhance research participants’ expressive powers.

My research is endowed with a gender-based analysis strengthened by my formal associate affiliation with the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at University of Saskatchewan.